Mast Climbers Are Valuable Production Tools in Masonry

Charles “Chuck” Scroggs of Rockwall, Texas, serves as president of Southwest Scaffolding, LLC. Among the types of products that Charles Scroggs’ Rockwall, Texas, company distributes are mast climbers.

Mast climbers are a valuable tool for many masonry projects. They consist of central platforms that are powered by automated power units or APUs. Mast climbers allow for a heavy load capacity, and their power system allows the platform to rise quickly in elevation. Unlike other types of scaffolds, they generally boast fast installation times and a high degree of flexibility. Not only are they effective work tools, they are also safe. By reducing the risk of injuries and helping large projects progress quickly, they have proven to be highly valuable in the workplace.

While many people associate mast climbers with projects on particularly tall, high-rise structures, they are actually very commonly used to work on projects that are sixty feet tall or less. Some low-rise masonry projects that might utilize mast climbers include the construction of schools, churches, shopping centers, and residential buildings. With their many attractive qualities, mast climbers deliver quantifiable benefits and are worthwhile investments for many companies.


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