Tips for Bass Fishing in Texas

Southwest Scaffolding President, Chuck Scroggs, resides in Rockwall County, Texas. In his leisure time, he engages in outdoor activities, such as horseback riding, landscaping, and hunting. In addition, Charles Scroggs enjoys fishing.

Bass fishing is a popular pastime in Texas. The state boasts several bass-rich fishing locations, including Sam Rayburn Reservoir and Toledo Bend. In many cases, Texas waters host bass that weigh in excess of 10 pounds. Not surprisingly, fishermen flock to these locations.

When fishing for bass, fishermen are advised to head out early in the morning. During this time, the water is cool. This encourages increased fish activity in shallow waters. The fisherman who uses lures such as spinnerbaits, topwater baits, and lipless crankbaits will have optimal results casting in the areas near shallow cover. The fisherman who chooses to focus on deep water bass would do well to use deep-water lures such as jigs, plastic worms, deep-diving crankbaits, and Carolina-rigged plastics instead.


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